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Smart organisations employ me as a hands-on digital marketing consultant who is skilled in directing organisations to become more efficient, reduce costs and increase ROI using digital marketing tools and techniques. Cut through the online clutter to reach your target audience … right place, right time.

Marie Merry | MM Digital

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Are you looking to grow your business and improve your online presence, but don’t know how? Or do you find you haven’t got the time to improve your website, execute online campaigns and generate more conversions? 

If you have a desire to grow your business and need an extra pair of hands, or you want to take advantage of the digital marketing opportunities available to you, I can help! 

In other words, I provide the support needed to plan and execute your digital marketing strategy. So from SEO, conversion optimisation, PPC and display advertising to content marketing and email marketing & automation, I can help expand your online presence to achieve a sustainable growth for your business.

Marie Merry | MM Digital


I have worked in digital marketing since the beginning. As a senior in-house marketeer for a professional services business, I have executed digital strategy, SEO, website optimisation, PPC, email & automation and social media campaigns. My freelance clients include web, multi-utility, IT support and other service companies.


If you choose to hire me over a digital marketing agency, it will not only reduce your overheads, but it will ensure campaigns meet your goals and objectives, generate results and improve your ROI. Whatever your budget, we will work together to find you the best solution, whether that is a fixed fee project, monthly retainer or day rate.


The beauty of digital marketing means campaigns can be worked on all around the UK and internationally, but it's always good to get to know each other and meet in person before you decide to hire me. If you're looking for someone local to you, then I'm based in Leicestershire and travel to Warwickshire, West Midlands and the surrounding counties.


A dedicated and focused individual that gets the best results from all client campaigns, where preparation is key to campaign success. Thorough planing, researching and understanding of your industry, user intent and buyer personas, means you will get the best possible ROI by investing in me. If my client campaigns succeed, then so do I.

MY services

SEO Consultancy
& Training

91.7% of Google traffic share is spread over the results on page one. Want your site to rank?

Based on your industry, user intent and buyer personas, key terms and phrases are identified to build a growth plan that ensures your website is displayed in the right place, at the right time
... increasing web traffic & leads.

PPC & Display Advertising

Instantly reach your target audience on Google, Bing and social media.

Show targeted, engaging and relevant PPC ads to your target audience that will generate traffic to your site. Search, social media, display and remarketing campaigns all increase brand & product awareness and website leads.

WeBSite Optimisation

Your website is your shop window. Make sure your customers can find what they are looking for.

A website audit will review your site's user experience (UX), design and content displayed. It will enable you to execute website engagement and conversion improvements that are provided in your website's audit report.

Email & Automation

Email marketing reinforces promotions and nurtures warm leads, which is where marketing automation comes into its own.

Develop an email marketing strategy that is GDPR compliant, reinforces brand values and improves customer engagement. By nurturing warm leads using automation you can focus on other area of the business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Want to improve your online presence? If you have engaged in digital marketing, but need direction, develop a digital marketing strategy that supports your business goals.

A digital audit reviews your online channels, content, media assets and tactics. It finds any gaps and forms the basis of your digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content is a powerful tool to nurture customers through the buying cycle.

With content types and formats meeting different needs, listening to your industry helps to develop a content plan that meets your audience personas. A plan outlines where to promote your content and set metrics & KPIs to analyse its performance.

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